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411O26MZjRL._SY346_[1]Forgiveness is the distinctive Christian virtue, but the most difficult command to practice. Forgiveness is easier to say than to do. Forgiveness: A Lovely Idea Until . . . provides clarity to what forgiveness looks like; compelling reasons why we should forgive; and the proper steps to know we have forgiven. For those people trapped in bitterness, anger, and hatred, this book uncovers the release. Forgiveness will free you from a painful past and propel you into a future of joy and freedom. Reflecting on a hurtful event that could have destroyed me, I present a thorough understanding of forgiveness’ power. I show the process that led me to forgive. Though it was not easy and it did take time, the result was worth it. I have gathered a gold mine of truth and in a concise form that will guide your forgiveness journey.
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Chapter13-logo3Chapter 13: The Excellence of Love is based on 1 Corinthians 13, the quintessential text on love. First Corinthians 13 is often recited at weddings, painted on wall-hangings, and memorized by people. First Corinthians 13 paints word pictures that unearth the meaning, motives, and maturing of love—Christ-like love. Love that is deeper and broader than the love sung about in sentimental songs. This love is real. It changes the world.
Chapter 13: The Excellence of Love presents a better way to live; a better way to treat people. And, that way is to love. Love matters most. It is the most excellent way to live.
Chapter 13: The Excellence of Love needs to be read, understood, and obeyed. Then, our life will be enriched, like God intended, enriched with his love as we love others.


SoulTherapyPsalm 23 speaks to hearts, quiets spirits, and eases loneliness. It is a favorite psalm for many people. Martin Luther called Psalm 23 the nightingale psalm. Supposedly the nightingale sings its sweetest melody when the night is darkest. This psalm is a picture of contentment; it represents that mental state and physical place for which everyone longs.
Psalm 23 is not just for people of history; it is a psalm for today. This psalm is for those who are in want of something better; for those who are in need of something good; for those who are lonely in need of a friend; for those who are walking through depressing times desiring comfort; for those who are perplexed by problems wanting a solution; for those who know that heaven is a better place than earth could ever be.
Read it, understand it, and claim it for yourself. Discover the impact it can make on your life through the eBook: Soul Therapy: The Healing Words of Psalm 23.


The 7 Sins of Highly Defective People

The 7 Sins of Highly Defective People takes an honest look at each of the seven deadly sins and the virtues that are needed to overcome each. The intensely practical book offers applications for overcoming the sins. The concise and touching writing style offers appropriate illustrations and stories to support the themes and principles presented. The good news is that the seven sins can be defeated and the seven virtues can be cultivated to build Christian character, leading one into a lifestyle that is pleasing to God.




Jesus crossed the paths of many unsuspecting people in his day. They were the outcasts, the nobodies, the religious elite, the poor, and the wealthy. After their encounter they were different than when they arrived. When Jesus intersects our lives we come face to face with our own inadequacies, see the grace and mercy of God, and are confronted with the demands of discipleship.

Jesus crossed paths with people similar to us. Their names are different from ours. The place of encounter was years ago. But their stories are very much like ours. In the weaving of the Savior sighting stories we can find ourselves in the tapestry of their lives. Jesus crosses our paths in much the same way he crossed theirs. Through these encounters we see the tenderness of Jesus’ hands and the truth of his Word.


DefiningMomentsThe Chinese use two symbols for the one-word crisis: One means opportunity and the other danger. The outcome is dependent on the individual’s response. Into every one’s life comes an event or a situation that can make or break a person. These events can be a wedge that drives us farther away from God or it can inch us closer to him. Behind the dark clouds of tragedy and misfortune is the silver lining of God’s grace. For too many of us we don’t encounter God’s grace because we don’t understand how God works to define our character in those distressing situations.
Many individuals whose stories are recorded in the Bible faced crises, whether a test, a temptation, or a tragedy. We can learn from their experiences to better understand how God works through our crises to shape our character. Their stories are not unlike ours. Their responses, however, are often vastly different.